Midori Takase.

I discovered this woman yesterday evening after viewing a youtube clip.  I uploaded that clip here:


You can view her camel toe in the video.

I guess one would love to have a fitness instructor like this one.

Here’s a photo gallery I prepared.


Insofar as I can find out, her stats are:

Name: 高瀬みどり(Midori Takase)

Height: 161cm

Bust :88cm

Waist :60cm

Hip :89 cm

Age: around 40 years old but not sure.

Wow, good sized boobs for a muscle woman.  Mamma!!! http://homepage.eircom.net/~paulpcarr/drooling.gif

You can find more stuff on her here:


Also, some stuff on her on this thread on scanlover called “Fetish Fraternity”.  You’ll need to take out a free subscription to Scanlover in order to view the threads and photos.


She kinda looks like Honoka with muscles.  A porn star/fitness instructor.  She’s hardly conventionally beautiful but, boy, isn’t she hot!! I watched the youtube video and retired to my bed in my dormitory and duly rubbed one off.   I love the start of the video where she’s panting hard after doing some rigorous skipping.  She can train me any day of the week.  Actually, in my fantasy leading to orgasm, I just imagined that she was training me as a baby and my best boyfriend who had come over to visit.  Mammy Midori Takase, under instructions from the other Mammy of my best friend, is to feed us/force feed us her breastmilk and otherwise educate us in the superiority of the female/mother sex.  We hardly object.  She’s a naughty Mammy.

Some select pics below:

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