Nozomi Kurahashi

I love this gal.  Some info from her wiki page:


Nozomi Kurahashi (倉橋のぞみ?, born 1975) is an alias chosen by Yoshizawa Ayumi (吉沢 あゆみ?) following her debut as a nude gravure idol. She published nude photo collections every year mainly during her time when she was known to be a middle school student.

Since the compilation of Lolita photobooks in the 1980s was not yet illegal in Japan, readers were able to see Nozomi’s body in explicit detail and she soon gained immense popularity as an ideal Lolita model.

Furthermore, Nozomi Kurahashi was two years younger than declared at the time of the publication of her 1980′s photobooks, her actual age being 11 instead of 13 in 1986. At age 13, she had her last photobook published before her disappearance from the idol world which lasted until the turn of the century when, at age 24, she announced another nude photobook.

Her book Nozomi Kurahashi, age 24 contains many retaken photographs from her younger years.


Here’s a gallery of her here:

This guy appears to be a big fan:

Apparently, you can get all her nude and erotic photosets on including one where she is just 10 or 11 years old.

I prepared my own gallery of pics I had downloaded recently here:

Here’s a contrast between Nozomi Kurahashi aged 13 (I think) and Nozomi Kurahashi (aged 24)

Here’s more pics of the absolutely hot older Nozomi Kurahashi.

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